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(of the Weekly Runt)

Welcome to my site! I'm so excited to share all my favorite tricks, treats and treasures with you.

Having worked with various rescues and shelters over the last 15 years, I am now privileged to be a brand ambassador for NULO Pet Foods, Treatibles-CBD treats, and several other AMAZING companies that are changing the health and longevity of our pet's lives.

Pugs in particular are a sensitive breed, prone to a host of expensive issues. My first pug, Raisin came with more issues than VOGUE and I spent a fortune trying to keep him healthy. I also tried many varieties and types of food. I wish I had known then what I know now about health and nutrition.Sadly, August 16th 2015, we lost Raisin at age 13.

In November I was visiting a shelter and was blessed to meet Olive, a young breeder puppy who had been thrown out on the streets after nursing a litter. She was sick, skinny and scared to death. I nursed her back to health and adopted her.
Now, in an effort to help us all not spend the equivalent of a house payment on vet bills and medicines, I have collected my favorite testimonials, research, and resources to share. So I invite you to "COME-SIT-and STAY" each week!

Katy Cable is a former actress appearing in “Back To The Future” and starring in the TV series: “Safe At Home” & “ Fired Up!” In addition to her dog health & lifestyle blog/vlog: The Weekly Runt, she’s a contributing writer to numerous publications including Thrive Global, & The Huffington Post. Cable lives at the beach with her husband, Rick and her rescue Pug, Olive.